Juan de Fuca Marine Trail

Safety Rules and Pointers

Hiking Trails - Please stay on designated trails, avoid shortcuts and respect the delicate vegetation and natural and cultural features.

Harvesting - Do not harvest shellfish or other plants and animals. They form an important part of the area's natural environment and are protected under the Provincial Park Act.

Fires - Small fires are only permitted on beaches below high tide mark. No fires are permitted at Botanical Beach. Use driftwood for fires - do not cut trees or snags. Portable campstoves for cooking will be required at some campsites.

Water - Water is available from streams. Be sure to boil or treat any water from streams before drinking.

Animals - Remember this is a wilderness area, black bear and cougar may be present. As a precaution, it is recommended that you leave pets at home. Keep young children from wandering alone into brush areas.

Dogs - Dogs can cause wildlife conflicts. Please leave your dog at home. If you must bring your dog keep it on a leash and under control at all times.

Food and Garbage - Cache food out of reach of animals. Plan to pack out what you pack in. Do not put garbage in pit toilets - it attracts bears.

Surf and Waves - Show respect for surf and waves. Watch for unusually large "rogue" waves which occaisionally hit beach. These waves are capable of pulling a person into the water. Keep children away from the surf.

Weather - Trail conditions may change quickly depending on the weather. Be prepared for muddy and wet sections. Creeks may be difficult to cross after heavy rains.

Proper Equipment - Be prepared with appropriate outerwear and footwear for wet weather, foggy and slippery conditions. Carry adequate supplies to allow for an emergency on day or multi-day hikes.

Emergencies - Report Search and Rescue and other emergencies to the RCMP using 911 phone service.

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